Planning An Event?

Kind Words

Each of our clients help to create memories that last a lifetime for our Event team.  Thank you, to all of you!

A bride’s perspective:

“When my mom suggested we look into wedding coordinators, my reaction was…we’ll be fine, we can do it ourselves. Luckily,  she convinced me that using Coordinated would be a good idea because we could not have pulled off my wedding without Susan Marie, Summer, and their team!! We decided to utilize them with a few brief sessions during planning but mostly to help with logistics on the wedding day. Susan Marie and Summer were so organized, resourceful, and flexible during our meetings. They kept us on track, provided excellent local vendor recommendations, and gave us great advice. They could answer or would find the answer to ANY question we had during the process. I stayed very calm, especially on my wedding day, knowing that Susan Marie and Summer had everything under control (including making sure the boys were ready on time!).  They were amazing, and I recommend them to anybody planning a wedding. Thank you, Susan Marie and Summer!!” — Ashley

“Summer and Susan Marie were absolutely amazing! They made sure my wedding went off without a hitch. They made sure all the details were handled allowing me to truly enjoy everything! I would highly recommend their services to anyone.” — Jamie

“Susan Marie and Summer are an absolute pleasure to work with. Within hours of hiring them, I felt my stress levels lowering and felt that all of my goals for wedding planning were suddenly achievable. They took a majority of the planning off of my hands and handled everything I needed so I could focus on finishing Graduate School.

I always had prompt communication from them (usually within an hour of contacting them), and could always rely on Summer to bring her cheerful perspective and Susan Marie to have the latest up to date information on all of my vendors and budget. Anything I needed (calling wayward relatives, sorting out rental issues, attending vendor appointments with me), they handled, and with the up most professionalism.

They were everything I needed: a shoulder to cry on, a second opinion, a sounding board, and more often than not, the “voice” of reality.

But more importantly, they became the champions of my wedding — assuring that I was getting the best services, treatment, and was as stress free as possible. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes not only leading up to the wedding but the day of the wedding (they were setting up flowers, the tent, anything and everything – literally), and in fact, are still working two weeks after the wedding – handling some post-wedding issues effortlessly. They did everything they could to make sure my wedding was literally picture perfect, and did a wonderful job transforming my off beat vision into a reality. My only regret is that I didn’t hire them sooner — but I am glad that I found them when I did, as I truly believe they are the reason my wedding was such a show stopper.

They are, hands down, the best vendor I hired, and who I couldn’t have lived without. I would highly recommend them for any event and will use them again should I ever have to plan an event again.” — Sarah

We love our grooms:

“Dear Future Bride or Parents of the Bride,

Take my advice and have these wonderful ladies coordinate your wedding. My wife and mother in law absolutely loved the way Susan Marie, Summer, and Allyson helped them with almost every aspect of the wedding. Whether it was consulting on colors or getting my groomsmen in check, they did an fantastic job. They were calm, collected, and a pleasure to work with throughout the wedding process. THANKS, LADIES!” — Garrett

Mother of the Bride/Groom:

“We chose Coordinated Events for my daughter’s wedding so that we could enjoy her wedding day. That was the best decision we made during the planning process. Summer was absolutely fantastic! From our first meeting, I felt such relief. She was delightful to work with. We never had to worry about a thing. She took care of so many of the details for us and made our day as stress-free as possible. Everything flowed so smoothly during the wedding and reception. Later in the evening, I asked my daughter what she thought of the wedding; she said, “It was perfect”! Thank you Summer!!” — Mrs. Soots

“We hired Coordinated Events to assist with our daughter’s wedding as “day of coordinators”.  They absolutely exceeded our expectations. Susan Marie met with my daughter and I several times, provided professional advice and shared vendor information while always keeping our vision top priority.

I was impressed from our first meeting with Susan Marie but had no idea how valuable their service would be. They directed the rehearsal effortlessly and on the day of the wedding Susan Marie, Summer and an intern met us at the car the minute we arrived at the venue.  They swung into action and things were a blur for me from that point on.  The ladies handled everything for us (including assisting the groom and his groomsmen).

Because of their great work I was able to spend my time at the wedding and reception talking with friends and catching up with family (some of which I hadn’t seen in a very long time).  They took care of everything behind the scenes.  Probably handling more than I will ever know!  Our family and friends are still talking about what a wonderful event it was.  We owe a lot of that to Susan Marie and Summer (and their intern).  Because of them we now have wonderful memories of a perfectly executed wedding (and a very happy daughter and son-in-law).

Coordinated Events did an excellent job.  I highly recommend them.” — Diane

“These ladies are wonderful! My daughter is an only child and like any Mom, I wanted her wedding to be what she had always dreamed it would be. After our first meeting, we knew these were the ladies for us!  They made us feel so comfortable and at ease with all of the details that were ahead of us.

They were SO helpful and professional, but most of all genuinely interested, understanding and fun throughout the entire process. The ceremony was held in one city and the reception in another. They made sure they had enough assistants to coordinate all of the processes at both locations. They coordinated all of our chosen vendors, made valuable suggestions when we just couldn’t think anymore and even shopped for some detailed items for us!  Susan Marie was a God-send as she calmly handled those inevitable, unplanned emergencies that occurred before, during and even after the ceremony and reception.  I told them early on that I was hiring them for my daughter to help her during the planning of the wedding, but also for me. I explained that I didn’t want to worry about who and what was supposed to be where and when on the wedding day. And that’s exactly what happened!

Everything was wonderful and I never gave the details and logistics a thought!  I still get comments about how smoothly everything went and how well-paced it was!  I would highly recommend these ladies and their services to anyone planning a wedding or any event!  They know their business and are a pleasure to work with. We not only hired two professional coordinators, but we made made two special friends in the process!  They’re great!” — Tina

“Our daughter’s wedding was 5 months ago today and we are still receiving compliments on how great the wedding and reception were!  One of the best decisions we made was to use Coordinated for planning assistance and the execution of the wedding weekend events.

As it was a destination wedding, there were many logisitcs which Susan Marie and Summer handled superbly.  We were so pleased with their resourcefulness, their knowledge of local vendors, their professionalism, and their positive “can do” attitude. They were always efficient in finding the answers to our questions.

Most importantly, they had the foresight to know that we would need more than 2 coordinators on the day of the wedding.  Everything went smoothly and we are grateful to them for making it happen!  Above all, they were such a pleasure to work with. I wish we could do it all over again!” — Pam

“Coordinated is a truly appropriate name for these exceptional women. My daughter’s wedding involved a venue that was placed into “protective custody” by federal marshalls 2 weeks before the wedding, a photographer from NYC, videographers from California, i-pod wedding music Susan Marie managed while hiding in bushes, a photo booth, and a bride who had a bit of OCD when it came to her plans.

Due to creative differences, our original planners parted ways with us half-way through the planning. Shell-shocked, we looked around for others who could possibly step in and bring my daughter’s wedding vision to fruition.  After viewing Coordinated’s website, my daughter set up a meeting with Coordinated–hoping the creativity displayed on the website was truly indicative of their work. We were blown away at the first meeting! Susan Marie, a pint-sized dynamo, quickly put us at ease.

I know we all looked like deer in the headlights, fearful of rejection of Sarah’s ideas.  Susan Marie came to the table without preconceived ideas on what things “should be.”  Never once did she look askance at the ideas presented. The quote presented for what we needed was very reasonable, and in retrospective was down-right cheap based on the work they did!

Susan Marie and Summer were with us every step of the way; from make-up trials to selecting tablecloths and flowers. They even sacrificed and accompanied us to a martini and wine tasting, where the signature martinis were created!  Most importantly, they were point for all the vendors, keeping everything flowing smoothly.  When difficulties arose, they promptly and efficiently fought and won our battles.  When, at the rehearsal, we realized that the tent and flooring were not as described by the rental company, they problem solved the dilemma and personally worked with the caterer to achieve a setup we could use.  When it came to the budget we had set for the wedding, they worked very closely with us, helping us find alternatives as needed, negotiating deals with vendors, suggesting cuts we could make, all the while keeping my daughter’s vision–and my pocketbook–in mind.  Never did they pooh-pooh and idea because of cost, or because it would involve more effort on their part.

Thanks to Susan Marie and Summer, the wedding was magnificent.  Sure, things got a bit bumpy at times, but they leveled the playing field so that my bride and groom were happy, the guests were blown away, and we had a wedding that will be remember by all involved for a long time.” — Kathy

“My story is a bit different as the Mother of the Groom!!!!  Leslie’s, my son’s Fiance, mother passed away when she was 13.  Her dad offered to pay for a wedding.  Leslie must have trusted me as she asked me to help her with her wedding—as the Mother -in-law!!!!! I was flattered but also beside my self.  I wanted our relationship to be special as I have no daughters of my own, just 3 sons.

I didn’t know where to begin…how to be the mother of a bride.  I immediately sought out help…as I felt responsible to provide Leslie with all the support she needed and also give her a wedding she would remember fondly.  I COULD NOT have done this wedding without these coordinators.  I was literally, the mother of the groom and also the mother of the Bride.  I was doing it all essentially!  Leslie has a very demanding job, so it was falling on myself and the coordinators.

On the day of the wedding I arrived and never gave the event a moment’s thought. It was all on cruise control, in the hands of these excellent, capable, pleasant, professional coordinators!!!!  I had not a worry in the world.  Beginning to end, the event, including the ceremony went off beautifully.  I enjoyed the entire evening!

They also ran the rehearsal practice as the minister was coming in from out of town and the wedding was not in a church.  Susan Mare and Summer, as well as the minister, arranged and conducted the ceremony, musicians etc, which was absolutely beautiful.  I owe them both for their help in creating a wonderful memory for my entire family as well as Leslie’s family, who has seen much sadness over the years.  What a tribute to these hard working girls!  I thank them from the bottom of my heart!” — Pat

Father of the Bride:

“Our destination wedding was at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia this past summer.  As the bride’s father I was engaged in the planning process more than most apparently. I enjoyed my role and relied heavily on these people to help me make careful decisions in all aspects of the planning process.

They were a tremendous resource and I really don’t know how we could have managed our event without them.  They recognized immediately the logistics of our wedding were complicated and responded with the necessary manpower and organization to make it a total success.  I appreciated their attention to cost as we moved forward through the planning stages as well.  They have tasteful knowledge in wedding details and etiquette in which I quite frankly was inadequate.

I really got to enjoy my daughter’s wedding and all of my guests while these people did the necessary behind the scene work of keeping us on schedule and making sure things went smoothly.  Our family has had so many wonderful compliments about our wedding which I can directly attribute to these nice folks. We entertained at our reception with a cocktail party, dinner and dancing as well as door to door transportation service. Our guests’ comfort and safety was of utmost importance to us.

I highly recommend these wedding planners if you have a wedding in your future.  Get them involved early in your planning efforts to best utilize their skills.  They will certainly be a part of our next wedding function.  Our heartfelt thanks to them for making our occasion so special this summer!” — Dr. Dale Finn