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Perfect Touches for a Spring Wedding

As we are in the midst of Spring and the start of the most popular time to get married, we want to share some of our favorite spring wedding trends that will give your wedding the perfect touch of Spring Fever!

  • Wildflowers: Nothing says spring like a vibrant mixture of beautiful spring flowers.
  • Flower Headbands: Give your hair a spring touch with a romantic floral headband!
  • Old-Fashioned Water Cans: Use old watering cans and fill them with floral arrangements!
  • Tea Sandwiches: Serve an array of tea sandwiches during cocktail hour before the reception to give your guests the feel of a spring garden party.
  • Vibrant Pastels: Pastels are always a staple in the spring, and recently its becoming more popular to use pastel colors in a more vibrant shade.
  • Patterns: No patterns say “Spring” like checkerboard and seersucker! Even the groom and groomsmen need to have a touch of spring. Complete their spring style with a checkerboard bow-tie, or be bold and dress them in seersucker!
  • Tulips: Although it is rare to use tulips in your wedding arrangements, Tulips are the ultimate spring flower. They are uniquely beautiful and make a bold statement at any spring wedding!
  • Baskets: Inspired by the traditional Easter basket, trading a vase for a basket will give your wedding that spring feel you’ve been wanting!
  • Tea Cups: For more of a garden and spring party at your wedding, incorporate vintage tea cups into your decor. For example, use one as a vase!
  • Anything Green: Whether you pair it with other colors, or you stick with solely a one color palette, green is the color of spring!