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Outdoor Wedding Tips!

An outdoor wedding allows for beautiful, natural scenery and amazing pictures, but don’t let the heat of a hot summer day keep you from the outdoor wedding of your dreams. The summer months are approaching quickly, and we want to share some of our favorite ideas to make the heat a bit more bearable for your outdoor wedding!

  • Protect your cake with a canopy net. It looks elegant and romantic but also keeps your cake safe!
  • Rent a tent! Although tents are usually a more costly option, they are a great way to create shade and create a cooler environment for your guests during the reception. Some tents even come with fans!
  • Have your ceremony and wedding start later in the evening. Usually in the summer it starts to cool down by 5:30pm or  6:00pm and it is still light outside. Plus, how gorgeous would the sunset be as the background?
  • Turn your programs into fans! Your guests will really appreciate having something to cool them off during your ceremony.
  • Offer sun screen and bug spray at the entrance of your ceremony or reception.
  • Offer personalized sunglasses as your wedding favor at the entrance of the ceremony. Your guests will really appreciate these when the shades keep the sun from glaring into their eyes.
  • Have water and/or other drink options available before your ceremony begins to keep your guests and bridal party hydrated.



(Photos from Pinterest)