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Baby’s Breath: A Floral Trend We Love!


Baby’s Breath is taking over and we are loving it! In the past it’s often been known as a “filler flower,” but in recent months, Baby’s Breath has proved to be much more than just that. From the bridal party and the ceremony, to the decor and the reception, Baby’s Breath adds a full and romantic touch to many aspects of your wedding. Instead of filling up a bouquet, Baby’s Breath can create a beautiful floral arrangement when used alone; this is becoming a floral trend we love! Although there are many reasons why we are noticing Baby’s Breath in more voluminous amounts, we want to share with you our top three!

  • It’s affordable! Baby’s Breath is easily available year-round and is much more affordable then other flower options. You can purchase a lot of it for a lower cost- who doesn’t love saving money?
  • It compliments a wide variety of colors! Baby’s Breath is a beautiful compliment to any color theme and any season. Whether it is a fall or winter wedding with deep and rich colors or a spring wedding with light and pastel colors, Baby’s Breath will be a perfect fit. Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower that it looks iconic in both a rustic barn or even a formal ballroom.
  • Creates a full look! When used in mass amounts, Baby’s Breath can create a full yet romantic look. Baby’s Breath has a fluffy and soft feel that creates depth in a large room or outdoor venue. It has the ability to also make a bouquet appear more full in photographs and from afar, who wouldn’t want that?

We encourage you to consider incorporating more Baby’s Breath (or use only Baby’s Breath) in your wedding floral arrangements and decor.

Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower and we just can’t get enough of it!