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Dessert table trends

Many new trends are popping up in the wedding world for desserts. While some couples may choose to stick with the traditional multiple tier cake, others may choose an option that better fits the feel of their wedding.

The ideas below are great for the bride who is having a vintage and traditional feel to her wedding.

Naked cakes seem to be a growing trend, especially as more and more people are looking for that “rustic southern” feel for their weddings.


Dessert bars are also becoming more common, and include all sorts of dessert assortments such as mini cakes or one-tier cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, rice krispie treat bars, and etc.










Other ideas for a more playful and youthful wedding theme are doughnuts and/or cupcakes instead of cake, candy bars, frozen yogurt or ice cream sundae bars, maybe even…s’mores bars!

dessertblog3 dessertblog7 dessertblog8

While some people may choose to change it up and have different types of desserts, some choose to stick to tradition and have lots of cake! There are also varying trends we see in cake design, as well, such as colors, textures and decorations. Many brides have been staying with the lighter and more neutral end of the spectrum (color wise), but have been adding a lot of textural decor demonstrated by the two cakes below.

dessertblog9 dessertblog4

A lot of couples are also opting out of the traditional cake topper of the bride and groom and going for their names (seen below), or their monogram (seen above), on top of the cake or on the cake itself.


All pictures found on Pinterest