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Spring Wedding Trends 2014

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, and centerpieces are things that have constantly evolving styles, especially when the seasons change. Pastels have always been popular in spring and early summer weddings, but the styles are constantly adapting to generational preferences. The picture below is a prime example of pastels being a major trend in springtime weddings (and early summer). This picture is of my mother’s wedding in May of 1989. The key to making your wedding pictures look great 20 years later is to stick to timeless looks, not choosing the latest fad that will eventually run its course (as my mother did).


Nowadays, not every bridesmaid wears the same style of dress. Sometimes the bride has her closest friends choose different styles with color being the one constant, which has become popular in the past few years. Sometimes the maids wear completely different dresses in monochromatic shades of the same colors, such as everyone wearing a “blush” dress. This could result in several different interpretations of that particular tone.


Here are some pictures of some of the bridesmaid’s dress trends we expect to see this spring:

  • Blush


(all Pictures above from Style Me Pretty Weddings Instagram)

  • Mint/Variations of light blue



  • Gold/Champagne



Some brides are even mixing two of the trends together like this:





Another thing that changes each season is floral choices. Most flowers get extremely expensive when not in season, so brides opt for a more affordable “look-a-like”. Here are some of the biggest trends in spring wedding flowers for this year:

  • Peonies: For the Bride looking for a girly, flirty springtime look.




(Elizabeth Anne Designs)

  • Tulips: This is the flower that comes to mind when I think of spring, and is also my personal favorite flower.



  • Lavender (for boutonnieres): Lavender is perfect for couples going for the natural, earthy feel. While you process down the aisle, your guests will be greeted by the wonderfully fresh scent for which lavender is known.


(Elizabeth Anne Designs)

  • Anemones: For the brides going for a bold, vintage look. Try this: The bride carries one color of anemones in her bouquet, and the bridesmaids carry another color in their bouquets (seen below).