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Etiquette Series: The Golden Rules of Gratitude

The wedding is over, the planning is done, you and your new husband have just returned home after a wonderful honeymoon on a sunny, tropical island. A list of gifts from your wedding guests awaits you as you embark on the process of writing your beloved thank you notes. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to help you make this process fun and enjoyable for you AND your groom!

Timely Manner

Bridal Shower/Engagement Parties – Be sure to send your thank you notes 10 days after the event.

Weddings – Sending your cards 3 months after the honeymoon is ideal. Try not to wait any longer than 6 months to send out your thank you cards!

Add some PIZAZZ!

1. Make it personal – Include a nice note about something you remember fondly from your childhood with this guest. You can never go wrong with an inside joke!

2. Make time – Remember to only do a few at a time. By rushing through the process, you devalue the cards and resent the effort rather than enjoying the time it takes to express your gratitude. Pour a glass of vino, turn on some good music and reminisce with your husband about the incredible time you had at your wedding!

3. Make it cute – Add photos from the wedding or a cute sentiment that will remind your guests just how much fun they had celebrating YOU!

Here is a sweet little formula to ensure that your wedding thank you notes are great:
Greet your guest + Personalize your gratefulness + Be specific about the gift + Thank them for attending and sharing in the most special time of your life = The perfect thank you note

What do I do??

Monetary gift– When you receive a monetary gift from one of your guests, make sure to NEVER mention the amount they included. Simply let them know how you plan on using the money, they will be delighted to see it is being spent wisely!

No gift – If you do not receive a gift from your guest, you are welcome to send them a thank you card anyway and highlight how grateful you are that they were able to share in your special day!

Let’s Address!

Family member/close friend:
Inside card – Dear (first names)
Envelope – Mr. and Mrs.
Signing the card: Include your first name only

Professional Connection:
Inside card – Mr. and Mrs.
Envelope – Mr. and Mrs.
Signing the card: Include your first and last name
*Do not use abbreviations!

Colors, Fonts and Patterns… Oh My!

Choose stationery that fits you and your groom. Be sure to pick nice stamps that complement the color of your envelopes. For an added touch, learn how to use a calligraphy pen. Try the Pilot Parallel Calligraphy pen… cheap yet highly rated! Watch this tutorial to get started on becoming a calligraphy pro!

Other Occasions to Express Gratitude

Thank you notes from children are always a crowd pleaser! Encourage your children to draw pictures, craft the perfect note and even pick out the card. Teaching children about manners early will shape their manners for the future. Click this link for specific ideas about writing thank you notes with your children!

Thank you cards are ALWAYS in style!

Send a thank you note after an overnight stay at a friends house or after a good job interview. Send one to your post man to thank him for always delivering your mail. Send one to the host of a holiday party where the food was fabulous. Remember that a thank you note is always a GOOD thing if it is written with the proper etiquette.

Emily Post said it best: “The letter you write…is always a mirror which reflects your appearance, taste, and character.”

Molly House