Perfect Touches for a Spring Wedding

As we are in the midst of Spring and the start of the most popular time to get married, we want to share some of our favorite spring wedding trends that will give your wedding the perfect touch of Spring Fever!

  • Wildflowers: Nothing says spring like a vibrant mixture of beautiful spring flowers.
  • Flower Headbands: Give your hair a spring touch with a romantic floral headband!
  • Old-Fashioned Water Cans: Use old watering cans and fill them with floral arrangements!
  • Tea Sandwiches: Serve an array of tea sandwiches during cocktail hour before the reception to give your guests the feel of a spring garden party.
  • Vibrant Pastels: Pastels are always a staple in the spring, and recently its becoming more popular to use pastel colors in a more vibrant shade.
  • Patterns: No patterns say “Spring” like checkerboard and seersucker! Even the groom and groomsmen need to have a touch of spring. Complete their spring style with a checkerboard bow-tie, or be bold and dress them in seersucker!
  • Tulips: Although it is rare to use tulips in your wedding arrangements, Tulips are the ultimate spring flower. They are uniquely beautiful and make a bold statement at any spring wedding!
  • Baskets: Inspired by the traditional Easter basket, trading a vase for a basket will give your wedding that spring feel you’ve been wanting!
  • Tea Cups: For more of a garden and spring party at your wedding, incorporate vintage tea cups into your decor. For example, use one as a vase!
  • Anything Green: Whether you pair it with other colors, or you stick with solely a one color palette, green is the color of spring!

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Spring 2015 Interns

Beginning in January, Danielle Turo and Camille Zarzar joined the Coordinated Events team as our 2015 Spring semester interns. They are a great contribution to our team and we want you to learn a little bit more about them!

Danielle Turo (Left) and Camille Zarzar (Right)

My name is Danielle Turo, I am senior at High Point University and a Spring 2015 intern at Coordinated Events. I was born and raised on Long Island, where the beaches are one mile away and the greatest city in the world-NYC- is less than an hour. In addition to interning with Coordinated Events this spring, I freelance for an event planning company in NYC…Working events all year around- what more could be more fun?!

I admire Broadway, where my favorite performance is “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.”  My desire to dance stemmed from those high-kicking Rockettes when I was only two years old- I have been dancing ever since. I “pin” on Pinterest more than anyone should and believe it is never too early to be planning your wedding. I am obsessed with anything pink and sparkly (who doesn’t love a little glam.) I have a very close-nit Italian family, and consider myself lucky to carry on the many traditions we have made. Life is too short not to have cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner- it’s quite an obsession. I am a classic old soul who loves a sappy romance story, and know in my heart that the wedding world is where I am meant to be.

Interning with Coordinated Events has been a wonderful experience, and am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn under such knowledgeable and great women. I hope to get the opportunity to work with you on your event this season!


Hi there! My name is Camille Zarzar and I am a senior at UNC Greensboro. I am a Community Recreation and Event Planning major and I hope to continue my passion for event planning after graduation in May 2015. I was born and raised in Hillsborough, North Carolina and lived there my entire life until moving to Greensboro. I am the middle child and although I feel at home in Greensboro, I am thankful my family is less than an hour away!

During my free time you can find me spending time outside, at a country music concert, or exploring a new town. I love to spontaneously try new things and to be active, but I also love the simplicity of walking through a beautiful park or sitting on my porch.

In addition to interning for Coordinated Events, I have also been very involved on campus. From working in the student union, to holding positions for my sorority, I love to work with other people and have a passion for working together on a common cause. I have a high energy and a great attention to detail. My passion for events comes from my love of bringing people together and I believe that any event, big or small, does just that!

Working for Susan Marie and Summer has been an amazing experience so far and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from them.

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Baby’s Breath: A Floral Trend We Love!


Baby’s Breath is taking over and we are loving it! In the past it’s often been known as a “filler flower,” but in recent months, Baby’s Breath has proved to be much more than just that. From the bridal party and the ceremony, to the decor and the reception, Baby’s Breath adds a full and romantic touch to many aspects of your wedding. Instead of filling up a bouquet, Baby’s Breath can create a beautiful floral arrangement when used alone; this is becoming a floral trend we love! Although there are many reasons why we are noticing Baby’s Breath in more voluminous amounts, we want to share with you our top three!

  • It’s affordable! Baby’s Breath is easily available year-round and is much more affordable then other flower options. You can purchase a lot of it for a lower cost- who doesn’t love saving money?
  • It compliments a wide variety of colors! Baby’s Breath is a beautiful compliment to any color theme and any season. Whether it is a fall or winter wedding with deep and rich colors or a spring wedding with light and pastel colors, Baby’s Breath will be a perfect fit. Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower that it looks iconic in both a rustic barn or even a formal ballroom.
  • Creates a full look! When used in mass amounts, Baby’s Breath can create a full yet romantic look. Baby’s Breath has a fluffy and soft feel that creates depth in a large room or outdoor venue. It has the ability to also make a bouquet appear more full in photographs and from afar, who wouldn’t want that?

We encourage you to consider incorporating more Baby’s Breath (or use only Baby’s Breath) in your wedding floral arrangements and decor.

Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower and we just can’t get enough of it!

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Etiquette Series: The Golden Rules of Gratitude

The wedding is over, the planning is done, you and your new husband have just returned home after a wonderful honeymoon on a sunny, tropical island. A list of gifts from your wedding guests awaits you as you embark on the process of writing your beloved thank you notes. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to help you make this process fun and enjoyable for you AND your groom!

Timely Manner

Bridal Shower/Engagement Parties – Be sure to send your thank you notes 10 days after the event.

Weddings – Sending your cards 3 months after the honeymoon is ideal. Try not to wait any longer than 6 months to send out your thank you cards!

Add some PIZAZZ!

1. Make it personal – Include a nice note about something you remember fondly from your childhood with this guest. You can never go wrong with an inside joke!

2. Make time – Remember to only do a few at a time. By rushing through the process, you devalue the cards and resent the effort rather than enjoying the time it takes to express your gratitude. Pour a glass of vino, turn on some good music and reminisce with your husband about the incredible time you had at your wedding!

3. Make it cute – Add photos from the wedding or a cute sentiment that will remind your guests just how much fun they had celebrating YOU!

Here is a sweet little formula to ensure that your wedding thank you notes are great:
Greet your guest + Personalize your gratefulness + Be specific about the gift + Thank them for attending and sharing in the most special time of your life = The perfect thank you note

What do I do??

Monetary gift– When you receive a monetary gift from one of your guests, make sure to NEVER mention the amount they included. Simply let them know how you plan on using the money, they will be delighted to see it is being spent wisely!

No gift – If you do not receive a gift from your guest, you are welcome to send them a thank you card anyway and highlight how grateful you are that they were able to share in your special day!

Let’s Address!

Family member/close friend:
Inside card – Dear (first names)
Envelope – Mr. and Mrs.
Signing the card: Include your first name only

Professional Connection:
Inside card – Mr. and Mrs.
Envelope – Mr. and Mrs.
Signing the card: Include your first and last name
*Do not use abbreviations!

Colors, Fonts and Patterns… Oh My!

Choose stationery that fits you and your groom. Be sure to pick nice stamps that complement the color of your envelopes. For an added touch, learn how to use a calligraphy pen. Try the Pilot Parallel Calligraphy pen… cheap yet highly rated! Watch this tutorial to get started on becoming a calligraphy pro!

Other Occasions to Express Gratitude

Thank you notes from children are always a crowd pleaser! Encourage your children to draw pictures, craft the perfect note and even pick out the card. Teaching children about manners early will shape their manners for the future. Click this link for specific ideas about writing thank you notes with your children!

Thank you cards are ALWAYS in style!

Send a thank you note after an overnight stay at a friends house or after a good job interview. Send one to your post man to thank him for always delivering your mail. Send one to the host of a holiday party where the food was fabulous. Remember that a thank you note is always a GOOD thing if it is written with the proper etiquette.

Emily Post said it best: “The letter you write…is always a mirror which reflects your appearance, taste, and character.”

Molly House

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Fall in Love

It’s that time of year again! The air is chilly, the leaves are brilliant shades of orange and red, and the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg fill every kitchen. Personally, I can’t get enough of the fall and neither can many couples who decide to get married amongst the colorful trees and crisp air. If you’re planning a wedding in the fall season, be sure to go over these tips to successfully carry-out your beautiful fall wedding!

First things first, food! As we all know, some of the best flavors and ingredients are utilized in the fall season. Be sure to include seasonal vegetables and fruits into your wedding menu, as well as, incorporating them into your decor and flower arrangements. If you’re doing food stations at your wedding, try a cheese bar full of flavorful cheeses, olives and crackers. My personal favorite is a s’mores bar that gets everyone in the bonfire mood! As for your cake, GET CREATIVE! It is the perfect time to try new flavors…Blackberry buttercream anyone?? Ask your baker if they have any flavor ideas they’ve been dying to try and see if it matches your taste. As for wedding favors, try a wonderfully scented candle that matches the season or give out mini maple syrups. Jams and apple or pumpkin butter are also a great way to give your guests a taste they will remember forever whenever they think of your wedding day!

As the cold air approaches, an outside ceremony may be a little chilly but I’ve got some ideas to keep your guests warm and toasty. Use hay bales with blankets instead of the traditional seating. Make guests feel at home by offering warm apple cider, mulled spices or hot chocolate as they walk to their seats. You can cozy up your reception with lounge seating and even a bonfire if the venue allows it. Add a personal touch by having quilts for the guests to snuggle up with when they aren’t dancing the night away on the dance floor. And last but not least, go natural! Rent wooden tables that don’t need linens to keep your reception quaint and casual. Guests will feel cozy and comfortable with all of these personal touches as they celebrate you and your favorite guy!

Did someone say fashion?? The host must always look their very best so why not try a bold lipstick… Think plum, berry or a deep red! The newest dress trends for the fall indicate that a hi-lo hemline on ball gowns help show-off an amazing pair of colorful heels. We are IN LOVE with these velvet emerald heels. If you’re feeling bold, try a blush color for your wedding dress or incorporate a lace sleeve. No matter what the trends say, pick a dress that makes you feel gorgeous and be confident that you will look utterly fabulous on your special day!

Now that we know some suggestions, let’s break some fall wedding myths!

1. Fall weddings MUST be inside… WRONG!

  • As discussed earlier, make your guests comfortable by providing blankets and quilts for them. You can also utilize heaters as well as informing guests ahead of time to dress accordingly.


2. You MUST incorporate pumpkins… Nope!

  • Even though they are one of my favorite parts about the fall holidays (see below for a delectable pumpkin bread recipe.. YUM), pumpkins are not expected to be incorporated into your fall wedding. Instead, you could use grains, grapes, pears or even pomegranates to bring in a new feel to fall decor.


3. Guys MUST wear a dark suit and a black tie… Wrong again!

  • We actually encourage khakis. They are still completely OK for the season and look great in front of a fall backdrop. Just make sure your guys’ suit color compliments your lovely ladies!


4. Bridesmaids MUST wear heavy silk or satin… No way!

  • Rather than sticking to tradition, be sure to flatter your favorite ladies and their different body types. What matters most is that your girls are comfortable and confident as they support you through your special day. If you want to get creative with colors, try pale golds with mango or fuchsia!


5. You MUST stick to the “fall foliage” color scheme… Definitely not!

  • Try navy and gold or a pretty plum instead of the traditional orange, red and yellow. By using clever accents, your wedding colors will pop in front of the fall background. In case you need some fall wedding color ideas, check out this website with amazing color palette choices for the fall!


For some inspiration, here are a few photos from one of our fall weddings at Summerfield Farms in Greensboro, NC.

Cake and pie... Oh my!

Cake and pie… Oh my!

Gorgeous up-lighting on the Summerfield Farm Barn.

Gorgeous barn on the outside, party on the inside!

We love a good fall tablescape!

We love a good fall tablescape!

Vintage truck for the Bride and Groom's getaway!

Vintage truck for the Bride and Groom’s getaway!


Now that I’ve busted some myths and given you a few tips, I have no doubt that you will successfully be able to carry-out your dream fall wedding. Be sure to stay true to you and your groom’s personality throughout the planning process. If one trend doesn’t work for you two, toss it and move on to the next. This day is about your love turning into a marriage so as long as you have family and friends who support you, the rest is breeze!

And since I am a freak about the fall season, I wanted to share a recipe with you that I’ve been using since the second grade. My teacher used to cook a new recipe with us each week and I’m pretty sure this was the recipe that inspired my love for the fall at such a young age. It’s the best pumpkin bread I’ve ever tasted so please enjoy this treat from my home to yours! Happy Fall!

Pumpkin Bread
3 ½ cups Flour
3 cups Sugar
2 tsp. Baking Soda
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Nutmeg
1 ½ tsp. Salt
4 Eggs, beaten
1 cup Oil
⅔ cup Water
2 cups Cooked, Mashed Pumpkin (1 can)

Grease and flour 3 loaf pans. In a medium bowl mix flour, sugar, soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt together. In a large bowl, mix eggs, oil, water, and pumpkin. Combine all ingredients together. Pour batter into 3 greased and floured loaf pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Cool bread before slicing it.

Yield: 3 1-pound loaves

Best served with a cold glass of milk… Enjoy!

Molly House

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