Perfect Touches for a Spring Wedding

As we are in the midst of Spring and the start of the most popular time to get married, we want to share some of our favorite spring wedding trends that will give your wedding the perfect touch of Spring Fever!

  • Wildflowers: Nothing says spring like a vibrant mixture of beautiful spring flowers.
  • Flower Headbands: Give your hair a spring touch with a romantic floral headband!
  • Old-Fashioned Water Cans: Use old watering cans and fill them with floral arrangements!
  • Tea Sandwiches: Serve an array of tea sandwiches during cocktail hour before the reception to give your guests the feel of a spring garden party.
  • Vibrant Pastels: Pastels are always a staple in the spring, and recently its becoming more popular to use pastel colors in a more vibrant shade.
  • Patterns: No patterns say “Spring” like checkerboard and seersucker! Even the groom and groomsmen need to have a touch of spring. Complete their spring style with a checkerboard bow-tie, or be bold and dress them in seersucker!
  • Tulips: Although it is rare to use tulips in your wedding arrangements, Tulips are the ultimate spring flower. They are uniquely beautiful and make a bold statement at any spring wedding!
  • Baskets: Inspired by the traditional Easter basket, trading a vase for a basket will give your wedding that spring feel you’ve been wanting!
  • Tea Cups: For more of a garden and spring party at your wedding, incorporate vintage tea cups into your decor. For example, use one as a vase!
  • Anything Green: Whether you pair it with other colors, or you stick with solely a one color palette, green is the color of spring!

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Spring 2015 Interns

Beginning in January, Danielle Turo and Camille Zarzar joined the Coordinated Events team as our 2015 Spring semester interns. They are a great contribution to our team and we want you to learn a little bit more about them!

Danielle Turo (Left) and Camille Zarzar (Right)

My name is Danielle Turo, I am senior at High Point University and a Spring 2015 intern at Coordinated Events. I was born and raised on Long Island, where the beaches are one mile away and the greatest city in the world-NYC- is less than an hour. In addition to interning with Coordinated Events this spring, I freelance for an event planning company in NYC…Working events all year around- what more could be more fun?!

I admire Broadway, where my favorite performance is “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.”  My desire to dance stemmed from those high-kicking Rockettes when I was only two years old- I have been dancing ever since. I “pin” on Pinterest more than anyone should and believe it is never too early to be planning your wedding. I am obsessed with anything pink and sparkly (who doesn’t love a little glam.) I have a very close-nit Italian family, and consider myself lucky to carry on the many traditions we have made. Life is too short not to have cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner- it’s quite an obsession. I am a classic old soul who loves a sappy romance story, and know in my heart that the wedding world is where I am meant to be.

Interning with Coordinated Events has been a wonderful experience, and am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn under such knowledgeable and great women. I hope to get the opportunity to work with you on your event this season!


Hi there! My name is Camille Zarzar and I am a senior at UNC Greensboro. I am a Community Recreation and Event Planning major and I hope to continue my passion for event planning after graduation in May 2015. I was born and raised in Hillsborough, North Carolina and lived there my entire life until moving to Greensboro. I am the middle child and although I feel at home in Greensboro, I am thankful my family is less than an hour away!

During my free time you can find me spending time outside, at a country music concert, or exploring a new town. I love to spontaneously try new things and to be active, but I also love the simplicity of walking through a beautiful park or sitting on my porch.

In addition to interning for Coordinated Events, I have also been very involved on campus. From working in the student union, to holding positions for my sorority, I love to work with other people and have a passion for working together on a common cause. I have a high energy and a great attention to detail. My passion for events comes from my love of bringing people together and I believe that any event, big or small, does just that!

Working for Susan Marie and Summer has been an amazing experience so far and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from them.

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Outdoor Wedding Tips!

An outdoor wedding allows for beautiful, natural scenery and amazing pictures, but don’t let the heat of a hot summer day keep you from the outdoor wedding of your dreams. The summer months are approaching quickly, and we want to share some of our favorite ideas to make the heat a bit more bearable for your outdoor wedding!

  • Protect your cake with a canopy net. It looks elegant and romantic but also keeps your cake safe!
  • Rent a tent! Although tents are usually a more costly option, they are a great way to create shade and create a cooler environment for your guests during the reception. Some tents even come with fans!
  • Have your ceremony and wedding start later in the evening. Usually in the summer it starts to cool down by 5:30pm or  6:00pm and it is still light outside. Plus, how gorgeous would the sunset be as the background?
  • Turn your programs into fans! Your guests will really appreciate having something to cool them off during your ceremony.
  • Offer sun screen and bug spray at the entrance of your ceremony or reception.
  • Offer personalized sunglasses as your wedding favor at the entrance of the ceremony. Your guests will really appreciate these when the shades keep the sun from glaring into their eyes.
  • Have water and/or other drink options available before your ceremony begins to keep your guests and bridal party hydrated.



(Photos from Pinterest)

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Baby’s Breath: A Floral Trend We Love!


Baby’s Breath is taking over and we are loving it! In the past it’s often been known as a “filler flower,” but in recent months, Baby’s Breath has proved to be much more than just that. From the bridal party and the ceremony, to the decor and the reception, Baby’s Breath adds a full and romantic touch to many aspects of your wedding. Instead of filling up a bouquet, Baby’s Breath can create a beautiful floral arrangement when used alone; this is becoming a floral trend we love! Although there are many reasons why we are noticing Baby’s Breath in more voluminous amounts, we want to share with you our top three!

  • It’s affordable! Baby’s Breath is easily available year-round and is much more affordable then other flower options. You can purchase a lot of it for a lower cost- who doesn’t love saving money?
  • It compliments a wide variety of colors! Baby’s Breath is a beautiful compliment to any color theme and any season. Whether it is a fall or winter wedding with deep and rich colors or a spring wedding with light and pastel colors, Baby’s Breath will be a perfect fit. Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower that it looks iconic in both a rustic barn or even a formal ballroom.
  • Creates a full look! When used in mass amounts, Baby’s Breath can create a full yet romantic look. Baby’s Breath has a fluffy and soft feel that creates depth in a large room or outdoor venue. It has the ability to also make a bouquet appear more full in photographs and from afar, who wouldn’t want that?

We encourage you to consider incorporating more Baby’s Breath (or use only Baby’s Breath) in your wedding floral arrangements and decor.

Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower and we just can’t get enough of it!

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Trends in Wedding Favors

Some couples feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on their wedding favors, especially since they won’t want to waste money and just hand out favors that will not be used. For the bride and groom on a budget, there are the do-it-yourself wedding favors that every guest will love!

  • Goodie bag of local favorites- Grits or mixes from a local mill, Farmers market finds, regional favorites (Cheerwine in glass bottles, etc.)
  • Homemade jam in jars
  • Coffee beans and tea bags
  • Cookie, cake, or brownie mix in mason jars
  • Homemade soaps
  • “Homemade” spice mixes
  • Personalized Mason Jars
  • Personalized Water bottles
  • Personalized M&M’s
  • Book of the couple’s favorite recipes with measuring spoons


For the bride and groom that want their favors to be able to be used during the wedding, there are the following ideas:

  • weddingfavors4Shawls for chilly weddings
  • Candles
  • Koozies
  • Wine stoppers
  • Flowers, Succulents, plants
  • Flip-flops you can hand out for dancing



Other cute ideas that will be loved and used are:

  • Matches
  • Bottle openers
  • Coasters
  • Flower seeds

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Dessert table trends

Many new trends are popping up in the wedding world for desserts. While some couples may choose to stick with the traditional multiple tier cake, others may choose an option that better fits the feel of their wedding.

The ideas below are great for the bride who is having a vintage and traditional feel to her wedding.

Naked cakes seem to be a growing trend, especially as more and more people are looking for that “rustic southern” feel for their weddings.


Dessert bars are also becoming more common, and include all sorts of dessert assortments such as mini cakes or one-tier cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, rice krispie treat bars, and etc.










Other ideas for a more playful and youthful wedding theme are doughnuts and/or cupcakes instead of cake, candy bars, frozen yogurt or ice cream sundae bars, maybe even…s’mores bars!

dessertblog3 dessertblog7 dessertblog8

While some people may choose to change it up and have different types of desserts, some choose to stick to tradition and have lots of cake! There are also varying trends we see in cake design, as well, such as colors, textures and decorations. Many brides have been staying with the lighter and more neutral end of the spectrum (color wise), but have been adding a lot of textural decor demonstrated by the two cakes below.

dessertblog9 dessertblog4

A lot of couples are also opting out of the traditional cake topper of the bride and groom and going for their names (seen below), or their monogram (seen above), on top of the cake or on the cake itself.


All pictures found on Pinterest

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Spring Wedding Trends 2014

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, and centerpieces are things that have constantly evolving styles, especially when the seasons change. Pastels have always been popular in spring and early summer weddings, but the styles are constantly adapting to generational preferences. The picture below is a prime example of pastels being a major trend in springtime weddings (and early summer). This picture is of my mother’s wedding in May of 1989. The key to making your wedding pictures look great 20 years later is to stick to timeless looks, not choosing the latest fad that will eventually run its course (as my mother did).


Nowadays, not every bridesmaid wears the same style of dress. Sometimes the bride has her closest friends choose different styles with color being the one constant, which has become popular in the past few years. Sometimes the maids wear completely different dresses in monochromatic shades of the same colors, such as everyone wearing a “blush” dress. This could result in several different interpretations of that particular tone.


Here are some pictures of some of the bridesmaid’s dress trends we expect to see this spring:

  • Blush


(all Pictures above from Style Me Pretty Weddings Instagram)

  • Mint/Variations of light blue



  • Gold/Champagne



Some brides are even mixing two of the trends together like this:





Another thing that changes each season is floral choices. Most flowers get extremely expensive when not in season, so brides opt for a more affordable “look-a-like”. Here are some of the biggest trends in spring wedding flowers for this year:

  • Peonies: For the Bride looking for a girly, flirty springtime look.




(Elizabeth Anne Designs)

  • Tulips: This is the flower that comes to mind when I think of spring, and is also my personal favorite flower.



  • Lavender (for boutonnieres): Lavender is perfect for couples going for the natural, earthy feel. While you process down the aisle, your guests will be greeted by the wonderfully fresh scent for which lavender is known.


(Elizabeth Anne Designs)

  • Anemones: For the brides going for a bold, vintage look. Try this: The bride carries one color of anemones in her bouquet, and the bridesmaids carry another color in their bouquets (seen below).



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Etiquette Series: Family Formalities

Let’s plan a wedding! The honest truth is that the engagement period is rarely an exclusive experience for couples planning their day. The situation may vary from couple to couple, but engagements generally draw the interests of family members that desire to contribute to the celebration and planning leading up to the wedding.

For many couples, the family of each individual will often meet for the first time, or more intentionally, around the time of the engagement. This means that it can be a weighty responsibility to foster and entertain pleasant interactions between the two families. Throw family wedding expectations and roles into the mix and you have several spinning plates.

To make your wedding planning experience easier, we want to clear the air by sharing a few etiquette guidelines to help you manage a smooth and fun wedding engagement with your two families:


Gathering the Families
After the engagement, it is customary for the groom’s family to initiate a gathering with the bride’s side. Although this has been the tradition, it is not necessary for his family to make the first move. The most important thing is not who initiates contact, but rather that the two families find an opportunity to come together to celebrate the couple’s future and the marriage that unites the two families.

Discuss the necessity of this gathering with your groom and decide how you would like to proceed with the matter (i.e. have him relay interest in a family gathering to his parents; plan a gathering for the families as the newly engaged couple; etc.). You know your families best, so make a decision based upon what would be most considerate of your loved ones!

Reserve a private dinner at your favorite restaurant. If your families do not live near one another then perhaps encourage some kind of gathering at a neutral location, like the city in which you currently reside with your fiancé or a relaxing place you all can visit on holiday (i.e. mountain cabins tucked away). Making a trip out of the gathering can allow for more bonding experiences.


Roles & Responsibilities
Mother of the Bride
The MOB, as we call her at Coordinated Events, typically has the most hands-on role with the wedding. She is the one that often accompanies the bride to see the venues and vendors, either alongside the groom or alone. The MOB is highly involved in multiple aspects of the process and she is there to help her daughter through many of the wedding details. It is important for the MOB to be mindful of the fact that this is her daughter’s wedding, so decisions should ultimately be made by the bride. On the wedding day, the MOB is typically escorted down the aisle and given special seating closest to the altar.

Mother of the Groom
Don’t be uninformed about the importance of the MOG’s role. She may not be picking the flowers for the wedding day, but she is a key figure in the process of forming the guest list for the invitations from the groom’s side. This inevitably means that she will play the role of hostess to some capacity on the wedding day when her family’s guests arrive. Allow her to feel like she has an active role in the wedding festivities. It may be a sweet gesture to invite her to your gown dressing appointments. Customarily, the MOG will also be hosting, along with the Father of the Groom, the rehearsal dinner.

Father of the Bride
On the wedding day, the FOB has many visible responsibilities. For one, he traditionally walks his daughter down the aisle to give her away. He also has the charge of giving a welcoming speech at the reception and twirling his newly married daughter on the dance floor.

Father of the Groom
Alongside the MOG, the FOG is responsible for hosting their family’s guests, and greeting and engaging with them. His opportunity to present to family and friends comes in the form of a brief toast at the rehearsal dinner and/or the wedding reception. Many grooms have chosen their father to be their best man, which also requires the FOG to give the best man’s speech at the reception.

In our experiences, siblings have helped the bride and groom in various roles throughout the planning stages. Oftentimes, siblings will serve as attendants to their sister or brother on the wedding day. They may also play a role in planning celebratory events leading up to the wedding. Many times, siblings stand in the wedding party at the receiving line of the ceremony. This is not a required role for siblings and each couple may decide who they would like to have stand next to them on their wedding day. Sometimes that means omitting a sibling from the wedding party. If this is a potentially confusing choice, make sure that you thoroughly explain your reasoning with care in a way in which your sibling(s) can be receptive and understand the heart behind your decision.

Grandparents are traditionally escorted down the aisle and seated before the ceremony processional. They are your guests of honor. However, at our recent November farm wedding, our bride and groom decided to incorporate their grandmothers into the ceremony by asking them to be the flower girls! This was unchartered waters for us, but it was a very sweet and unique way of involving other family members in the wedding party. And, we must say, it was incredibly well received!


The Wedding Budget
It’s a common misconception to believe that the parents of the bride hold full responsibility in paying for the wedding. That’s just not a realistic account of the unique relationships and expectations for every couple. Setting the budget, determining the financial contributors, and establishing their level of contribution should be reflective of the unique relationships as they correspond to each specific couple.

So don’t be constricted by traditional values and remember the heart of etiquette: “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others” (Emily Post).

Some couples find themselves in more financially stable and independent life stages, and may choose to pay for the entire wedding themselves. Perhaps one side of the family or the other may choose to pay for the flowers or the rehearsal dinner. Remember that whoever pays and plans for an actual wedding event is typically considered the host and/or hostess.

If both sides of the family express a desire to contribute to the wedding expenses then a couple may choose to divide the financial responsibilities based upon their personal discernment of the interests, relationships, and circumstances. To make money matters stress-free, we recommend that communication between all parties be the utmost priority. Make sure that expectations are clear, including the amount of each contributor’s budget and for what it’s intended.

Emily Post reminds us also to: “Keep the discussion within your immediate family.” This can eliminate stress since more opinions can create too many unnecessary options.

Lastly, it is important to be considerate of family contributions, both in terms of money and ideas, but remember that this is your wedding. Be open to suggestions, but also let this be your day based around what you envision. You want to love what you choose since the photos and memories will remain with you for a lifetime. Remember to kindly express gratitude to those who have ideas that don’t match your interests and be open with them about choosing different details. Above all, enjoy this experience, cherish your relationships, and share in the excitement of this celebration.

Happy planning from Coordinated Events!


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UNCG Spring Intern 2014

Sarah Martineau, UNCG Spring Intern 2014My name is Sarah Martineau, I am a senior at UNCG studying Commercial Recreation and Event Management, and the Spring 2014 intern for Coordinated Events. I was born in State College, PA, and moved to Greensboro just a year and a half later. I have a passion for planning weddings, and am inspired by classic love stories. I enjoy working with couples and finding out their passions and interests to make their day the perfect day for them. What could be more fun than making your special day as perfect as possible?

I love to sing, but can only wish to have a voice as awesome as Caroline Pennell (seriously people, look her up, she is awesome). I love fashion, but would prefer to wear yoga pants and sweatshirts 9 times out of 10 (every girl wants to look nice sometimes). My family and my dogs mean everything to me, I can’t live without them. My favorite thing to do after a long day is to curl up on a comfy couch and watch Law & Order: SVU (or any Nicholas Sparks movie) with my sister. My mornings are not complete without a good cup of hot black tea and lemon. Cooking is a stress reliever for me, especially since Pinterest has made so many great recipes more accessible.

Planning weddings with the ladies at Coordinated Events is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have had so far. Susan Marie and Summer are two wonderful ladies, and I am blessed to call them my bosses. I am beyond blessed to experience the wonderful adventures ahead this semester: getting to know brides using Coordinated Events, and helping them on their special day any way possible!



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Coordinated Events’ Etiquette Series

Introducing our Etiquette Series…
The concept of “etiquette” often reminds us of our grandmother’s instructions to always wear stockings with dresses and greet people as “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Etiquette cues words like “proper”, “polite”, and “old-fashioned” in our mental archives. Nevertheless, we propose that etiquette is a timeless code, no matter how modernized our culture becomes.

As we begin on our new etiquette series, it is important to distinguish the difference between merely following black-and-white behavioral guidelines and actually taking into consideration how good manners can benefit the well-being of those who surround us! Emily Post said it best: “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” So in the spirit of goodwill, let’s embark on this new series! We begin with a post for our grooms-to-be!

The Principles of Proposing
If you’re at this stage in your relationship, then you must recognize the importance of choosing this one person to be your Mrs. That’s amazing! The Proposal is an important story that you will both be retelling for years to come. This reality accompanies a lot of pressure. That’s why we want to diffuse some of the stress, by providing a few principles to plan by!

There’s no formula to the perfect proposal, but the key to this is knowing her!

Before the Bended-Knee…
The Family’s Blessing
The decision to seek approval to marry your significant other is contingent upon the relationships, culture, and traditions surrounding you both. There are several ways to approach it: you may seek after it alone or with your significant other before getting engaged, or you may choose to forego the conversation and announce your plans together after the engagement. Be conscientious of the relationships and situation, and proceed according to your knowledge.

The Seal
It’s always a great idea to have a ring. Perhaps she has already given you hints about the style or cut that she prefers. If she hasn’t, then ask her directly or ask her friends for insight.

The Surprise Factor
88% of women say that they prefer the surprise element of the engagement event. This does not mean that a woman would want to be surprised that you want to marry her. Rather, she would prefer the event to be a mystery until it happens. Keep this in mind!

Who? How? When? Where?
The most important thing to keep in mind is what she would love. If you know that she doesn’t want a public engagement then you may not choose to opt for the jumbotron at a sports event. Brainstorm for the proposal by recalling all your favorite spots together. The places tied to memories are even more significant! Does your idea reflect your relationship?

Get creative by enlisting the help of her closest friends. It’s always good to gather perspectives. Remember that the more people you involve then the higher the risk is of her finding out. Ensure that secrecy is the utmost priority.

It’s important to know what you want to express when you’re down on one knee. Once you know what you want to tell her… practice it! Whether simple or elaborate, have a plan for what you want to say to her and rehearse it.

The proposal is a significant moment that many couples want to remember. Hire a photographer or ask a friend to capture the moment in photos or even on video!

Think of Her
Ensure that she is dressed for the occasion, down to the tips of her fingers. If she’s got chipped nail polish or ungroomed hands, then perhaps you can ask one of her friends to unsuspiciously plan a spa date before the proposal. If she’s not big on getting her nails done then it’s not a big deal. Ensure that you are also dressed for the occasion! She would like to see you at your best.

She Said, “Yes!”

Some couples prefer to be alone after the engagement, but if it is something that you would like to celebrate with family and friends then it may be good to invite them to join you both after the proposal. Perhaps you may choose to delegate this event to a post-proposal party committee and allow others to help you plan it. It’s always meaningful to loved ones when they are included. Don’t forget the Champagne!

Social Media Announcements
The rule of thumb is that you should not announce it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other outlet until the essential crowd has been informed of the news. Be considerate of those who matter by demonstrating that they matter.

Above all, enjoy the proposal day. Recall the reasons why she’s worth it. We wish you the best for your proposal planning!

Come back for our next etiquette post on… The Golden Rules of Gratitude: “Thank You” Letters!

GSO Fellow Intern

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