Perfect Touches for a Spring Wedding

As we are in the midst of Spring and the start of the most popular time to get married, we want to share some of our favorite spring wedding trends that will give your wedding the perfect touch of Spring Fever!

  • Wildflowers: Nothing says spring like a vibrant mixture of beautiful spring flowers.
  • Flower Headbands: Give your hair a spring touch with a romantic floral headband!
  • Old-Fashioned Water Cans: Use old watering cans and fill them with floral arrangements!
  • Tea Sandwiches: Serve an array of tea sandwiches during cocktail hour before the reception to give your guests the feel of a spring garden party.
  • Vibrant Pastels: Pastels are always a staple in the spring, and recently its becoming more popular to use pastel colors in a more vibrant shade.
  • Patterns: No patterns say “Spring” like checkerboard and seersucker! Even the groom and groomsmen need to have a touch of spring. Complete their spring style with a checkerboard bow-tie, or be bold and dress them in seersucker!
  • Tulips: Although it is rare to use tulips in your wedding arrangements, Tulips are the ultimate spring flower. They are uniquely beautiful and make a bold statement at any spring wedding!
  • Baskets: Inspired by the traditional Easter basket, trading a vase for a basket will give your wedding that spring feel you’ve been wanting!
  • Tea Cups: For more of a garden and spring party at your wedding, incorporate vintage tea cups into your decor. For example, use one as a vase!
  • Anything Green: Whether you pair it with other colors, or you stick with solely a one color palette, green is the color of spring!

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Spring 2015 Interns

Beginning in January, Danielle Turo and Camille Zarzar joined the Coordinated Events team as our 2015 Spring semester interns. They are a great contribution to our team and we want you to learn a little bit more about them!

Danielle Turo (Left) and Camille Zarzar (Right)

My name is Danielle Turo, I am senior at High Point University and a Spring 2015 intern at Coordinated Events. I was born and raised on Long Island, where the beaches are one mile away and the greatest city in the world-NYC- is less than an hour. In addition to interning with Coordinated Events this spring, I freelance for an event planning company in NYC…Working events all year around- what more could be more fun?!

I admire Broadway, where my favorite performance is “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.”  My desire to dance stemmed from those high-kicking Rockettes when I was only two years old- I have been dancing ever since. I “pin” on Pinterest more than anyone should and believe it is never too early to be planning your wedding. I am obsessed with anything pink and sparkly (who doesn’t love a little glam.) I have a very close-nit Italian family, and consider myself lucky to carry on the many traditions we have made. Life is too short not to have cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner- it’s quite an obsession. I am a classic old soul who loves a sappy romance story, and know in my heart that the wedding world is where I am meant to be.

Interning with Coordinated Events has been a wonderful experience, and am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn under such knowledgeable and great women. I hope to get the opportunity to work with you on your event this season!


Hi there! My name is Camille Zarzar and I am a senior at UNC Greensboro. I am a Community Recreation and Event Planning major and I hope to continue my passion for event planning after graduation in May 2015. I was born and raised in Hillsborough, North Carolina and lived there my entire life until moving to Greensboro. I am the middle child and although I feel at home in Greensboro, I am thankful my family is less than an hour away!

During my free time you can find me spending time outside, at a country music concert, or exploring a new town. I love to spontaneously try new things and to be active, but I also love the simplicity of walking through a beautiful park or sitting on my porch.

In addition to interning for Coordinated Events, I have also been very involved on campus. From working in the student union, to holding positions for my sorority, I love to work with other people and have a passion for working together on a common cause. I have a high energy and a great attention to detail. My passion for events comes from my love of bringing people together and I believe that any event, big or small, does just that!

Working for Susan Marie and Summer has been an amazing experience so far and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from them.

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Outdoor Wedding Tips!

An outdoor wedding allows for beautiful, natural scenery and amazing pictures, but don’t let the heat of a hot summer day keep you from the outdoor wedding of your dreams. The summer months are approaching quickly, and we want to share some of our favorite ideas to make the heat a bit more bearable for your outdoor wedding!

  • Protect your cake with a canopy net. It looks elegant and romantic but also keeps your cake safe!
  • Rent a tent! Although tents are usually a more costly option, they are a great way to create shade and create a cooler environment for your guests during the reception. Some tents even come with fans!
  • Have your ceremony and wedding start later in the evening. Usually in the summer it starts to cool down by 5:30pm or  6:00pm and it is still light outside. Plus, how gorgeous would the sunset be as the background?
  • Turn your programs into fans! Your guests will really appreciate having something to cool them off during your ceremony.
  • Offer sun screen and bug spray at the entrance of your ceremony or reception.
  • Offer personalized sunglasses as your wedding favor at the entrance of the ceremony. Your guests will really appreciate these when the shades keep the sun from glaring into their eyes.
  • Have water and/or other drink options available before your ceremony begins to keep your guests and bridal party hydrated.



(Photos from Pinterest)

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Baby’s Breath: A Floral Trend We Love!


Baby’s Breath is taking over and we are loving it! In the past it’s often been known as a “filler flower,” but in recent months, Baby’s Breath has proved to be much more than just that. From the bridal party and the ceremony, to the decor and the reception, Baby’s Breath adds a full and romantic touch to many aspects of your wedding. Instead of filling up a bouquet, Baby’s Breath can create a beautiful floral arrangement when used alone; this is becoming a floral trend we love! Although there are many reasons why we are noticing Baby’s Breath in more voluminous amounts, we want to share with you our top three!

  • It’s affordable! Baby’s Breath is easily available year-round and is much more affordable then other flower options. You can purchase a lot of it for a lower cost- who doesn’t love saving money?
  • It compliments a wide variety of colors! Baby’s Breath is a beautiful compliment to any color theme and any season. Whether it is a fall or winter wedding with deep and rich colors or a spring wedding with light and pastel colors, Baby’s Breath will be a perfect fit. Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower that it looks iconic in both a rustic barn or even a formal ballroom.
  • Creates a full look! When used in mass amounts, Baby’s Breath can create a full yet romantic look. Baby’s Breath has a fluffy and soft feel that creates depth in a large room or outdoor venue. It has the ability to also make a bouquet appear more full in photographs and from afar, who wouldn’t want that?

We encourage you to consider incorporating more Baby’s Breath (or use only Baby’s Breath) in your wedding floral arrangements and decor.

Baby’s Breath is such a versatile flower and we just can’t get enough of it!

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Trends in Wedding Favors

Some couples feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on their wedding favors, especially since they won’t want to waste money and just hand out favors that will not be used. For the bride and groom on a budget, there are the do-it-yourself wedding favors that every guest will love!

  • Goodie bag of local favorites- Grits or mixes from a local mill, Farmers market finds, regional favorites (Cheerwine in glass bottles, etc.)
  • Homemade jam in jars
  • Coffee beans and tea bags
  • Cookie, cake, or brownie mix in mason jars
  • Homemade soaps
  • “Homemade” spice mixes
  • Personalized Mason Jars
  • Personalized Water bottles
  • Personalized M&M’s
  • Book of the couple’s favorite recipes with measuring spoons


For the bride and groom that want their favors to be able to be used during the wedding, there are the following ideas:

  • weddingfavors4Shawls for chilly weddings
  • Candles
  • Koozies
  • Wine stoppers
  • Flowers, Succulents, plants
  • Flip-flops you can hand out for dancing



Other cute ideas that will be loved and used are:

  • Matches
  • Bottle openers
  • Coasters
  • Flower seeds

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